Competition Pieces 2019

 Cat 1                  1st Patsy Cassidy                                                 2nd Francis McHugh
Cat 2                                  Our Standard Lamp was won by   Harry Emerson 
 category 1
        1st Francis McHugh                          2nd Gerry Leddy                             3rd David Rowan
     Category 2   
           1st Billy Ferris                                 2nd Peter Lyons                                3rd Ricky McDonald
Category 1                                                          March
     1st Pasty Cassidy                                2nd Francie McHugh                        3rd Gerry Leddy
  Cat 2      1st Dermot Doherty                                 2nd Jim Neill                              3rd Paul Finlay
Cat 1                1st Francie McHugh                                                      2nd Gerry Leddy
Cat 2                                      1st      Paul Finlay
May  Cat 1
                 1st Francis McHugh                                                               2nd Gerry Leddy 
cat 2
               1st Dermot                                  2nd Jim Neill                                       3rd Paul Finlay
Cat 1                1st Francis McHugh                                             2nd Gerry Leddy
 cat 2  1st Eugene Grimley                        2nd Jim Neill                                 3rd Paul Finlay
Oct  Cat 1
       1st Robert Hughes                2ndDavid Stewart                  3rd Francis McHugh  
Cat 2
   1st David O'Neill                   2nd Jim Stevens           3rd Dermot Doherty
Nov  Cat 1
                   1st Dave Spence                                                      2nd David Stewrart
            1st Jim Neill                      2nd Paul Finlay                 3rd Malachy Totten

Why have Competitions ?

Competitions should help improve the members' standards and enjoyment in spindle, faceplate and

artistic woodturning.

Why enter them ?

Entering a competition is an opportunity to make a range of items as well as showcase and share your work. When making a piece for a competition you are much more likely to be more critical of the item you produce. Receiving constructive comments and advice from the judges is one of the best ways of improving your standards.

Improving your turning:

Here are five areas which could be used to help you as a competitor. In competitions the marks assigned

to each area could vary depending on the item being made, but you should always regard these areas as

equally important when marking anything.


Does my design suit the purpose of the object? Is it original ? Does any embellishment, eg. colour or

texture, enhance the item. Does the choice of wood suit the object? How can I change or improve on

someone else's idea to make it my own.


Are the details sharp and crisp?


What level of turning skills would have been needed to produce this item? Chucking, hollowing, segmenting

delicacy of the piece, difficult wood, matching items.

Practise the skills before making the turning you will show others. If you are finding something difficult

ask another member for advice.


Satisfy yourself that the turning has been well finished,no tool marks or sanding lines? Does the finish

used enhance the piece?


What is the visual impact of the piece? Are you pleased with it?










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