Ulster Chapter News 2019

Our AGM was on sat14th December and after lunch our Demonstrater was 

Max Brosi who came up from Co.Leitrim for our last demo for 2019. We started off with a piece of oak which was in a cube form and he divided up,he then took away the wood he didn't need to get the shape he needed to make his four sided piece which looked a bit like a pipe in a cube.

After are tea break he stared his second piece another piece of oak which divided up again to make a ball shape,he then drilled a hole though the center,he then turn it around maked it out useing the indexing on the lathe.

 Jenne McDonald and Husband came to the Woodshed to pick up       all trees and snowmen for the Belfast Children's Hospital

Pat Carroll
Gary Rance  

     Emmet Kane

    Country comes to town in Portadown

Competition Winners at the Ulster Chapter Seminar on the 8th June 2019
Phil Irons awarding the prize to the competitions winners
          Category 1   Spindle (1) Francis McHugh            Category 2  Spindle (1) Liam Gilmore
                                               (2) Robert Hughies                                                (2) Dermot Doherty
                                               (3) Gerry Leddy                                                      (3) Jim Stevens    
                               Artistic  (1) Robert Hughies                                     Artistic (1) Jim Stevens
                                             (2) Gerry Leddy                                                         (2) Liam Gilmore  
                                                                                                                                 (3) Hugh Young
                         Faceplate   None                                                         Faceplate (1) Peter Lyons
                                                                                                                                  (2) Jim Neil
                                                                                                                                  (3)  Dermot Doherty                                                                                          

                The Ulster Chapter would like to thank our sponsors for there generous support.

                                                              Phil Irons was our guest demonstrator

The Wood Shed - Trend Airshied Pro (https://wood-shed.co.uk/)

Keith Barrow - 3 sets of bowl and pen blank centre finders (https://www.woodturningat54a.com/)

Crown Hand Tools - Two x M42 1/2" Cryogenic Steel bowl gouges (http:// www.crownhandtools.ltd.uk/) 

Hamlet Craft Tools - HCT083 3/8" bowl gouge

                                    M42068 3/8" spindle gouge (https://www.hamletcrafttools.co.uk/)

Robert Sorby Tools - Sorby Turnmaster (https://www.robert-sorby.co.uk/)

Record Power Tools - RSBG8 8" Bench Grinder (https://www.recordpower.co.uk/)

Simon Hope Tools - Box 1 Hex shafts for power drill sanding kit

                                    Hope Quick Release tool handle (https:// hopewoodturning.co.uk/)

Woodturning'Magazine - 1 year subscription (https://www.woodworkersinstitute.com/)

Irish Woodturners' Guild - 1 year free membership (https://www.iwg.ie/drupal/)

Peter Lyons - Two x large bowl blanks

Ulster Chapter Demonstrators for 2019

   14th Dec will be  Max Brosi 2pm - 5pm   AGM Starts 12.00
    Competition     cat 2       A Pair of Candlesticks        cat 1   A Candlestick
                      Demo at Parkanaur Manor House 17th Aug
   Eugene Grimley, Robin Graham, Paul Finlay, Breadan McAreavy Billy Ferris, Sam, David  ,                                                              Samantha Faulkner.
The Ulster Chapter

The Irish Woodturner'Guild was established to promote woodturning throughout Ireland and since its foundation in 1992 the Ulster Chapter has been fully committed to the promotion of woodturning in the northern counties of Ireland. On the 2nd Saturday of each month there is a demostration by leading turners from Ireland, the UK, Europe and the USA as well as from within our ranks. These demos, often all-day events, are a great opportunity to see great turners sharing their skill, expertise and ideas.

The Ulster Chapter has an extensive library, of DVDs and books, which are available for members to rent for a small monthy fee. Members are kept informed about upcoming events Chapter activities through this website and through "shavings" the chapter newsletter.

                                       Our Seminar 8th June2019

                  This Demo will start 9.30am and finish 5.00pm                                                  The Demonstrater will be Phill Irons

                                            The Cost will be £30

                                   Competition is an Open One

               You may put a piece in each Category which will be 

                                    Faceplate , Spindle , Artistic

                               Lunch be outside in the Marquee

            Please let Peter or Brendan know if you are coming